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client data platform and marketing automation software

Cinch’s drag-and-drop interface allows you to build customized journeys for your customers in minutes!

  • Trigger emails, texts, and mailers
  • Push customers to Facebook & Google audiences
  • Serve up chat bots or customized landing pages
  • Or spin customers into another journey!
analyze customer data


  • Simple drag & drop interface
  • Test conditions & route accordingly
  • Create A/B tests quickly & easily
  • Check transaction data
  • Market via SMS, email, mail, or web
  • An infinite number of possible journeys

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Enhance & Clean the data

Cinch creates a uniform customer profile and enriches it with ancillary data points to give you a clearer picture of who your customer is and how you need to segment them in your marketing campaigns.

analyze customer data


VP Marketing | Griffin Fast Lube

CINCH is the type of software that allows you to run your email/mail marketing campaigns with ease. It allows you to create more targeted campaigns, while A/B testing which ones work the best for your customer base. You can set them and forget them, if you are that type, or you can build the campaigns step by step and then analyze the data using the many reports that CINCH provides. We have found CINCH to be the future of our email/mail marketing. We’ve seen great results thus far and believe that trend to continue.

Landon Wallace

Marketing Manager | Griffin Fast Lube

Cinch has given us the confidence that we are running “strategic” marketing campaigns. Cinch has the ability to do so much, even more than we are currently doing. So when we have new ideas, or we think of a better way of contacting our customer base, we know that Cinch can be the tool to make it all happen.

Brad Staples


Cinch replaced Klaviyo for us, and we’ve found its capabilities and interface to be superior in nearly every way. The addition of direct mail and SMS has been awesome. If you’re using Klaviyo or another ESP and looking for more data and communication options, I would give Cinch a look.


Ogden Made | Owner

Cinch has been great so far! We switch from Mailchimp over to Cinch. It provides us with more capabilities and way more information to better market to our customers. The team has been amazing to work with and super quick to respond. It’s definitely a route we would suggest taking!

PJ Tue

Stella Bella, Co. | Marketing Manager

I have used Cinch for over 4 months and we have seen a 70% growth in our customer subscriptions. We have also retained a large amount of our customer base and can honestly say that we’ve created meaningful relationships because of this software. This a tool that helps you understand your customer interests, hobbies, demographic, and in the world of retail and online subscriptions, businesses can lose that human touch which Cinch provides for our business. We have been able to segment our customer base, understand Customer Journeys 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cinch integrate with my data?

Cinch has dozens of one-click integrations with most common data sources. If you’re using something we haven’t come across, we’ll help bridge the gap to ensure your data is flowing dynamically.

Does Cinch replace my current Email Service Provider?

Yes – Cinch is a full-service ESP and should replace any existing ESP along with SMS and direct mail platforms.

What should I expect to see in terms of pricing?

Cinch is a SaaS platform, which means pricing is determined by the number of users as well as the volume of data that you’re processing. Our free audit will provide a detailed quote for your review.