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Client Communications Platform for Veterinary

Unlock your revenue potential with our automated client communications platform built for pet care clinics and businesses.

Unlock the Hidden Potential in Your Business

Whether you are an independent clinic or backed by a private equity firm, you need solutions designed for the pet industry. Explore Cinch’s strategic features and tools that help you get to the next level of success

Customer Retention and Lifetime Value 

Keep your pet parents coming back with service reminders that are automatically sent right when your customers need them. Studies have shown that loyal customers spend more, more often. Let Cinch do the work.

  • Automated Customer Journeys
  • Customer Value Analysis
  • Personalized Communications
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Regular Service Reminders 

Trustworthy Customer Data

Cinch lets you segment and target your customers in seconds. It all starts with centralized, cleaned, and enriched customer data. Your trustworthy database gets even better with real-time customer profile updates.

  • Integrates with Your Point of Sale
  • Cleans and Matches Contacts
  • Easy Lists and Segmentation
  • Real-Time Profile Updates
  • Great for Multi-Location Businesses

Automated Marketing Across Channels

Cinch automates marketing across all the channels your customers use from email to text messaging. Engage customers consistently and build loyalty with personalized journeys and interactive messaging.

  • Pre-Built and Custom Journeys
  • Vaccination and Check-Up Reminders
  • Real-Time Attribution and Reporting
  • 2-Way Text, Email, Direct Mail, + More
  • Dynamic Google and Meta Ad Audiences

5-Star Solutions at Scale

“We’ve seen a 12 percent increase in returning customers year-over-year. In six months, we were able to sign up 40,000 customers for texts, 

which has already brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue that we might have otherwise missed.”

Brookelyn Miller, Cinch Customer

Integrated with Top Point-of-Sale and Data Software

Pull in your first-party customer data with these ready-to-go integrations with the most popular platforms in the industry.

Level-Up Your Cinch Capabilities

Cinch tool integrations help you add key functionality to your automated marketing and business strategy.

Unlock the Hidden Potential in Your Clinic

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