Make The Customer Visit Worth It

Written by Jeremy Howlett

Jeremy is our chief marketing pro. He has over a decade in marketing for brands and retail outlets. He loves helping companies grow and succeed by using a variety of marketing strategies and tactics.

October 15, 2019

Several years ago, I wanted to get fit again. I chose to pick running back up. This time I couldn?t spend countless hours and miles running on a treadmill or even out on the road around my house. If I was going to run, then it had to be fun. To make it more fun, I needed it to be on mountain trails. To some of you, that might sound less fun because it adds an increased level of difficulty, but to me, it was fun. I had to travel at least 20 minutes to the nearest trail. I made this trip because of what the experience offered to me. I believe that consumers are the same.

As you may have read here already, retail is not dead. Here at Cinch, we believe that it is the opposite. We believe that there is not only a need for physical retail locations and experiences but that they will continue to make a resurgence over the coming years. Indeed, there are some things that you can not do online, but for those that can, there still might be a reason to go into a physical space.

My wife thought that I was crazy to drive anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes to get to the trailhead, where I would begin my run and then have to drive that back home. I did not think it that crazy. I chose to do it because of the benefit that I directly received by going to a trail instead of walking out my front door to run 7 miles on the pavement. If your retail location offers enough benefit, people will get off the couch, change out of their PJs and get on over to your shop. Give them a reason to choose to come in versus just buying a product online.

Be different.

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