We understand that these are trying times. There is not a lot that we can say to put you at any more ease. We understand that we are going to face a very turbulent economy for some time to come. Who knows how long it will last and what it will take to come out of it. Our last recession was over a decade ago, and many struggled through that time. This is going to be especially hard for brick and mortar companies.

As a company, we believe that brick and mortar is the backbone of our economy, especially small business. These are the companies that educate us, support us, empower us, and help us by solving many of our daily challenges. As a group of entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the burden that a struggling economy puts on small businesses.

Knowing that many of you have had to close your doors or alter the way that you do business to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we wish that we could do more.

We believe that we can all arise out of this challenging time as we work together, find ways to solve problems, and be persistent. This is not going to be an easy task to accomplish, but it will be possible.

Amidst the struggles that have occurred to businesses around the country, there is hope as they look for ways to give back to the community that they serve. To us, our employees and customers are the most critical aspects of our business. We are in business to create a culture where our employees can thrive and provide a service that helps our customers to grow their business and develop the lifestyle that they desire. We have found that these are very true of many of our customers.

We are here to support our customers and prospective customers in any way possible. We want to empower you with the tools to cater to your customers and keep them in the loop as to what is going on with your business. These are trying times. These are turbulent times. These are times to reach out and strengthen our relationships with each other, even if we are social distancing. Please, don?t be a stranger. Let us know where we can help your business.

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