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We have assembled an all-star team to help you grow your business more efficiently

Justin Rae

CEO / Founder

Justin is both ambitious and entrepreneurial-minded. He has extensive experience collaborating with teams in developing business ideas, raising capital, starting small companies, and participating in legislative action committees. He is leading Cinch with expertise in leadership, business, data analytics, and a growth mindset. When not logging long hours, Justin is with his family or on an epic adventure in the mountains.

Chris London

CTO / Partner

Chris has over a dozen years as a senior programmer in developing web applications. Several of those years were spent as principal developer leading a team of engineers. He has chosen to bring his advanced skills to the team at Cinch to help us build one of the best marketing automation tools available. Outside of programming Chris is a family man and lover of music.

Jeremy Howlett

CMO / Partner

Jeremy has a variety of experience that lends itself to building out strategic marketing plans and programs. As a previous founder and marketer for consumer products brand he understands the need for retail and the strategy behind acquiring and retaining customers. In his free time, Jeremy is found traveling the country with his family or in the mountains.

Justin Cooper

Data Scientist / Partner

Justin is a skilled data guru with a PHD in Quantitative Analysis. He brings an expertise in compiling, analyzing and executing on data to Cinch’s predictive models. His expertise permeates throughout the Cinch software. Justin is a lover of the outdoors, serving others, and most importantly his family.

Tony Lefler

Senior Developer / Partner

Tony brings our team an expertise in front-end development. Utilizing his specialty in design and front-end development gives the ease of use and front-end functionality that brings to life the Cinch software.

Jeremy Palmer

UI / UX Specialist

A skilled designer, Jeremy is a simple man trying to live his best life. He finds purpose and joy in creation, whether that be cultivating his garden or his latest marketing campaign. He finds inspiration and freedom in life, from the endless wonders to be explored, to the blank page awaiting transformation.

Erin Hallmark

Technical Writer

Erin delights in the English language and uses her editing and technical writing skills daily. She has extensive experience creating end-user documentation and enjoys the art of clarifying and simplifying complex tasks.

Cody Heer


Cody has spent the past 8 years as a corporate controller and a couple years as an account manager. He is the glue behind the scenes that keeps everything running at Cinch HQ.

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