When Shopify launched several years ago it was a game-changer. It allowed businesses big and small to no longer have to shell out tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of dollars to create a viable online retail business. No more need for large development and production costs. The simplified costing structure and ease of getting going all play into the benefits of using the Shopify platform. Here at Cinch, we want to add to the ease of the Shopify experience by providing a simplified Shopify marketing solution.

Most companies see value in collecting as much customer data as they can. The data is then run through some sort of series of tools to communicate with existing customers, reach out to potential new customers, and nurture them to become paying customers. In most cases, this can require a quiver of tools to utilize.

The Shopify Marketing Challenge

Setting up marketing solutions with all of the available resources can be somewhat daunting between setting up email campaigns, text message notifications, Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and Bing ads, determining which social networks to leverage, considering video, TV, direct mail, and so much more. We have seen an increasing variety of options to use in marketing over the past decade or so. 

It is not as simple as it was 20 years ago. But at the same time, things are much more simple than they were at the turn of the Millennium. With all of these additional marketing solutions, we can gather more data about customers. This then allows companies to be able to be better targeted and personalized in all of our marketing efforts.

Cinch is working with many Shopify stores in helping them to not only simplify their Shopify marketing but also consolidate tools into one solution. With the power of Cinch, our customers can consolidate their email service provider, text messaging tools, direct mail print house, customer data platform, and conditional marketing journey builder all into one single platform. 

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More Personalized Messaging

In addition to those key tools, Cinch is also able to add customers to unique audiences for better targeting on Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising. This has allowed our customers to be more personalized in their offering. Personalization helps to reduce marketing waste and increase ROAS on those platforms.

Building out email flows has become a breeze. By taking the customer data from Shopify purchases, web forms, Facebook leads, and even in-store activity, these retailers have one solution to orchestrate their key customer communications. 

Through a more targeted and personalized approach majority of customers are happier. They receive messaging that is relevant to them. This then equates to better email open rates and in turn higher purchase conversions as well. 

Simplified Shopify Marketing Tools

It is simple to build out a successful journey. Cinch provides a blank canvas with a selection of triggers, conditions, and actions to allow our customers to build out any journey flow that they can dream up. Through simply dragging the nodes onto the canvas they can be arranged or rearranged in any way desired. 

By making the process simple it is easy to get a journey live in a matter of minutes. Once the journey is built and the creative is in place the journey can be published and start communicating with customers right away. No need to wait on a series of tools to communicate with each other. Also, no lag between the two. We have built it all in one powerful solution.

With Cinch fully integrated into your Shopify store, it makes setting up marketing solutions and testing them something that is no longer dreaded. Make your marketing communications something that is simplified. Let Cinch help you with the tools that take your customer data, stitch it together, analyze it, enrich it, and make it actionable with marketing tools of the modern era. Let’s get to work on simplified Shopify marketing today!

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