The Company

Sayle Oil/Dipstix is a growing chain of quick lubes located throughout the mid-south. They currently operate 15 locations, all of which use Cinch for marketing. 


Matt Rich, Marketing Manager. 


Key Takeaways

  • Increase your email stats: Sayle boosted their email open and click-through rates by at least 10% across the board. Some even increased by 2x.
  • Wow your customers: Since switching to Cinch, they’ve been able to send more customized emails to their customers. That leads to a more personalized experience that keeps them coming back.
  • Emails that look professional and get results: Their previous email provider made it challenging to create professional-looking emails and made them go through a staff member anytime they wanted to send a new email.
  • Get what your shop needs: Cinch’s Customer Success team helped them create more personalized emails to engage their customers better.

Primary Cinch Features Used

  • Email
  • Text
  • Direct Mail
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