Your POS + Cinch = data-driven marketing

Marketing based on data, instead of random hunches, means more customers for your quick lube shop.

How does it work?

Better data means better marketing

Service History

Detailed history of every oil change and declined service

Accurate Data

Match customer records from all your data sources, enrich missing information, and instantly dedupe

Post-Service Email

Thank each customer with a personalized message and include text/email opt-in request for better follow-up

Oil Change Calculator

Customize the estimated return date, coupon type, and messages based on last oil type used. Ability to calculate by days, miles, or both

Email Engagement

Automatically send more emails to your higher engaged customers and fewer emails to your lower engaged customers. That means higher open rates and fewer spam reports

Customer Groups

Segment unique groups within your customer list, like Fleet Manager, for more effective follow-up

Ready to win together?