The All-In-One Marketing Tool for Pest Control

Uncover hidden data in your pest management software to increase customer lifetime value, win-backs, Google reviews, and more.

Pest Control Marketing Journey

How It Works

Automated Marketing Campaigns for Increased Revenue Growth

These automated Cinch campaigns run 24/7. Using email, text, direct mail, and Facebook and Google ads, you’re guaranteed to reach your pest control customers at the right time, in the right place, with the right message.

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Omnichannel Marketing Hub for Pest Control

No more bouncing around different marketing software for email, text, review requests, or direct mail postcards. Do it all in Cinch and watch your revenue grow.


2-Way Text

Direct Mail

Review Requests

Google and Facebook Ad Audiences

Streaming Radio, Podcasts, and TV Audiences


Website Chat

Data Science and Marketing Automation

No matter where your pest customers are in their journey, Cinch helps you reach them more effectively, through multiple channels.

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The Marketing Tools You Need to Grow- All in One Platform

2-Way Text Messaging

2-way texting that makes your customers feel like they’re talking to a friend.

  • Use your existing company phone number so customers can text and call the same number
  • Create automatic responses to commonly asked questions so you save time and help your customers faster
  • Personalized content based on customer data and business information
  • Send copies of invoices, images, gifs, video, or any file up to 5 mbs
  • Unlimited keywords, for no additional cost, so you can test all the promotions you want
  • Built-in guidelines for legal compliance

Email Campaigns

2x your open and click rates with our deliverability technology to increase repeat customers.

  • Deliverability and reputation management technology that doubles your open rates so your emails lead to higher ticket value
  • Send one-off bulk broadcasts to a segment of your list or automated single emails in a campaign as one of a series of steps
  • Pest control-specific, full templates and blocks so you can create professional emails in minutes
  • Make your customers feel unique with personalized information about them and your company’s location, hours, contact info, and more
  • Designs that look perfect whether your customers are on a phone, computer, or tablet

Direct Mail Postcards

Stop wasting money on “spray and pray” mail campaigns. Only send as a last-resort.

  • Send email, texts, and online ads before you send physical mail which saves money on print and postage
  • Design, print, and ship all within one tool
  • Send 1 or 1,000 postcards at a time
  • Include augmented reality, barcodes, or QR codes for higher response rates

Online Reviews

Your pest company thrives on positive reviews.

Get more of them with Cinch.

  • Automatically send post-service review requests through text or email to Google, Yelp, Facebook, Bing, or anywhere else
  • Manage and respond to all your Google reviews in an easy-to-use dashboard
  • Automate future marketing follow-up based on reviews so your best customers keep coming back
  • Trigger automated emails, texts, and more off the review response
  • Link Google reviews to specific customers records in Cinch

Google & Facebook Ad Audiences

More targeted ad audiences mean lower spend
and higher ROI.

  • Automatically add or remove pest customers at every stage of the
    buying journey
  • Optimize ad spend based on customer value so your ads produce better ROI than ever
  • Remind lost customers to come back
  • Google includes paid search, display, YouTube, and Gmail
  • Facebook includes Instagram

Streaming Radio, Podcasts & TV Audiences

Keep your customers coming back with commercials
made just for them.

  • Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Podcasts, and YouTube
  • Automatically show your commercials to the customer segments you choose
  • Work with our media partners to produce your ads and then easily launch them within Cinch

Website Chat

Make it easy for your customers to get help

  • Contact form that converts to a text conversation directly on their phone
  • Pre-set automated responses that answer commonly asked questions
  • Faster than a phone call and easier for you and your customers


Get real time feedback and insight from customers so you can adjust and stay relevant in your local market.

  • Create and send NPS surveys in minutes. Make them easy to complete with our engaging formats:
    • Highly Likely – Highly Unlikely
    • Excellent – Poor
    • Yes or No
    • 1-5
    • 1-10
    • Comments
  • Customize every survey with your brand colors and logo so they’re always on-brand
  • Give loyalty points or special offers to incentivize survey completions

More Features to Help You Grow

Voice Calls

Connect your VOIP software to Cinch o you can call customers directly from the software.

QR Codes

Get more text and email subscribers by adding them to direct mailers or in-store at the register and waiting area.

Loyalty Program

Create, manage, and promote a customer loyalty program so your customers keep coming back.

Ready to win together?