The Power of Online Dialogue

Automated Reputation Management

As a leading indicator of your future growth, online reviews reflect your business health. With Cinch, you can harness the online conversations happening about your brand—and see significant gains in less than a month.

Every Star Gained Is Revenue Earned

Everyone knows that your online reputation impacts your bottom line. But did you know that every star you gain equals a 9% boost in revenue?* Check out one enterprise customer’s success story showcasing Cinch reputation management results.

*Harvard Business Review

Cinch Automates Your Online Reputation Management

Reputation management helps you gauge customer feedback in near real-time. But how do you manage your reputation without spending hundreds of hours manually requesting and responding to reviews?

Automate Your Review Requests

What if you could request a review every time a customer made a transaction—without pushing a single button? Cinch automated journeys work behind the scenes, 24-7. Plus, each journey is customizable, so you can choose the trigger, timing, channel, and message.

Send Personalized Review Responses

Responding to customer reviews within 48 hours is key. With automated review responses, your business can respond instantly. Customers today expect personalized messages, as well. That’s why you can rotate up to 50 prepped messages, so your responses feel unique and personal.

Get Feedback with Surveys

Want to dig into customer feedback for specific business insights? Automate customer surveys and get a constant influx of high-quality information. Both positive and negative feedback is equally helpful, so you can change what isn’t working and standardize what is.

“Cinch helps us with quality control for our technicians and services.

We use text messaging to drill into how our technicians are performing in the field, similar to a satisfaction survey. If the score comes back below a seven, it goes straight to a manager.”

Eldon Nelson, Marketing Director at Pestco

Watch the Magic Happen 

With Cinch’s Customer Reviews Dashboard, you can keep an eye on all your key performance indicators. If you operate multiple locations, you can also easily see review data by location and market.

With the right data in front of you, you can answer big business questions like:

  • What is the overall satisfaction level of customers based on review ratings and sentiments?
  • Where do we excel in meeting customer expectations?
  • Where do we need to improve so we can enhance customer satisfaction and service quality?
  • How effectively is the business responding to customer reviews?
  • How do customer reviews influence business outcomes, such as conversions?
  • How does our performance compare to competitors?

Customer Data + Marketing Automation

A Unified Platform

Most marketers today are juggling a large number of marketing technologies. If you’re looking to consolidate your tech stack, Cinch is a unified platform bringing you essential functionalities like a customer data platform, marketing automation platform, unified customer profiles, and online reputation management—to name a few.