Online Reputation Management

Manage Online Reputation, Automatically

Respond to reviews manually or automatically, accelerating your business closer to a stellar online reputation.

Evolve Your Reputation Management


Leave no opportunity missed with automated journeys and custom templates that maintain a personal touch with dynamic customer data.


No customer experience is the same, so no response should be exactly the same! Rotate through custom response templates.


All your customer data, all your marketing activities, and all your reviews – in one hub designed to help you grow your business.

Monitor and Respond To Reviews

Monitor and respond to reviews directly within Cinch. Every review populates into a reviews inbox, allowing you to click in and respond manually when a review requires that extra level of care.

Never let a review go unanswered. Reply at scale with automated template responses, personalized with customer data from your system.

Enriched Customer Profiles

Gather more customer data and calculate each customer’s “score.”  Clean, plentiful customer data is a key value of Cinch’s platform. Build out customer profiles with incoming review information for a more holistic way to manage your communications.

Cinch calculates an “overall score” that allows you as the user to gauge the sentiment of responses being received from Customer Surveys, which you can flag for insights or follow-ups.

Automated Reputation Journeys

Drive reviews with automated surveys and review requests. Send personalized customer surveys and requests for reviews automatically at the perfect time in your customer journey.

Go the extra mile without extra effort by automating “Thank you” or “We’re sorry” gifts once a survey or review has been left through automated journeys.

Cinch Mobile Application

Respond to reviews on the go with mobile. Quickly responding to reviews is the best way to alleviate the damage of negative ratings. Respond to reviews wherever you are with real time review notifications via the Cinch mobile app.

"Cinch helps us with quality control for our technicians and services. We use text messaging to drill into how our technicians are performing in the field, like a satisfaction survey. If it's below a seven, it goes straight to a manager."


Eldon Nelson    Marketing Director, PestCo

"Our content manager was having to go into every review and respond manually, for 39 locations! Now she has set up 15 auto-responses that go out any time someone leaves a 4 or 5 star review, so she can focus her time on creating other valuable content for our brands."


Allison McLain   Marketing Associate, PestCo


Consolidated Reviews Interface

Utilize numerous funtions of our reviews interface, including pre-built templates, numerous filters, and notifications.

Pre-Built Templates

Pre-built template responses with personalized customer data.


Filter by Score, replied status, location, inbound/outbound, and more.


Notifications for quick responses to reviews that need an extra personal touch.

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