Built for the Scaling Environment

Cinch Is Designed to Support Growing Businesses 

As your company expands into new locations, understanding your evolving audience becomes more important than ever. Cinch’s customer data and automated marketing foundation helps you stay on top. 

Boost Brand Recognition 

The No. 1 concern for scaling businesses is consistent brand identity across multiple locations. Cinch software helps you control marketing assets, distribution strategies, and user permissions across your company—plus, so much more. 

Precise Audience Targeting 

Drive purchases at the household level. With Cinch, you can deepen your knowledge of collective pre-purchase behaviors. 

Personalized Communications 

Predict the exact moment when your service or product is needed with real-time insights—then prompt your customer to act. 

Increased Return on Investment 

While your competitors send annoying text and email blasts, you deliver personalized messages that boost revenue.  

“With Cinch, I don’t have to constantly be on the platform to make sure everything is working. I can just set it and let it go. It frees up a lot of time to focus on other things. For me, that’s invaluable.”

Skooter Byrnes, Marketing Director at Threshold Automotive Services

“In Cinch, we run full oil change lifecycle customer journeys. Cinch really gives you the tools you need to market effectively at the right time in the customer journey with your brand at the forefront.” 

Brookelyn Miller, Marketing Manager at Oil Changers

First, Know Your Customer  

Your target audience likely varies from location to location. Implementing a customer data platform to help you track those insights is essential. With Cinch, your aggregated data inspires highly targeted customer segmentation.

Each segment is then pulled into a completely unique marketing journey that brings the right message to the right person at the right time. 

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Made Easy 

Cinch helps you deliver a localized approach to marketing. Our advanced customer journeys let you target specific places and audiences so you can fully personalize marketing campaigns.

Looking to expand your online strategy? Cinch can help you drive traffic to your online or offline storefront. 

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