From Guesswork to Marketing with Intention

Stop guessing which channel and offer is best for which customer. Get it right every time with Cinch. 

How Cinch works:

Cinch is a powerful Customer Data and Omni Channel Marketing Automation Platform designed to make it possible for marketers to drive revenue more effectively and efficiently across every channel.


Customer profiles are dynamically enriched with old, new, and future insights.


Splice and dice your customers with advanced segmentation. 


Automate personalized marketing campaigns across nine channels.


Glean insight and attribute revenue to marketing impact.

Tools for data-driven strategies

Cinch is more than a marketing automation software and more than a basic Customer Data Platform. Learn how Cinch allows you to intelligently automate personalized campaigns — across every channel. 

Gather customer insights with surveys

More businesses rely on manual data entry to build out customer profiles. Cinch’s built-in survey functionality makes it easy to send surveys and gather results that give you targeting power to direct your marketing strategy.  

  • Customize Surveys with Personalization 
  • Automate Survey Delivery  
  • Predict Customer Sentiment with Customer Scores  
  • Access Survey Data for Segmentation  


Dynamically enrich customer profiles

Customer profiles should be living, breathing things that grow and evolve as your customers and your business grow and evolve. Cinch delivers communication from within the platform, making it simple to attach every incoming data point to your continually evolving customer profiles.  

  • Clean and Associate Data from External Sources 
  • Build Upon your Data with Enrichment 
  • Deploy Campaigns that Drive Data Insights  
  • Automatically Adapt Marketing Campaigns to New Data  

Get creative with customer segmentation

Segmentation only truly works if the data in your system is clean, complete, and properly associated. Cinch allows you to take segmentation to new levels and unleash creativity for your marketing campaigns by providing clean data to segment with and advanced capabilities for cross-data segmentation. 

  • Utilize Cinch’s “Many to One” Data Segmentation 
  • Deliver Customized Campaigns to Targeted Segments 
  • Build Segments from Incoming Data from Ongoing Campaigns  
  • Focus Resources on High-Value or At-Risk Customers 

We are managing the marketing and retention efforts for over 350 golf courses. Most tools we’ve tried, including the marketing tools from our own software, aren’t flexible and integrated enough to make this an easy task.

With Cinch we can build best-practice golf marketing programs for all courses, with multi-channel communications going out automatically. It’s fun to use and easy to do at scale. More importantly, the results have made us the most successful golf course marketing group in the country!

Amy LaVange

VP of Marketing at ForeUp

Predict customer needs with data science

Unlock the potential of data-driven decision making to achieve remarkable results and outperform competitors. Our tools use predictive models to process our patented value and time-due segmenting to build journeys based on customer value.  

  • Predict Customer Behavior  
  • Automatically Create Customer Value Tiers  
  • Identify Purchase Propensity  
  • Anticipate Timing for Next Transactions 


Unleash the power of omni channel

Deploying marketing campaigns using multiple tools prevents one channel from informing another, and hinders your ability to attribute campaign impact. Cinch consolidates your tools and allows you to deploy strategic market campaigns across nine channels that work in seamless harmony.  

  • Allow One Channel to Inform Strategy for Other Channels 
  • Use Multiple Channels within One Journey  
  • Segment Within Segments to Identify Optimal Channels 

Optimize as you go with A/B testing

Many marketers are continually guessing about what will work.  Cinch’s easy A/B Testing tools let you test your ideas and then make changes to any automated marketing campaign on the fly — without disrupting the current flow. Plus, we let you see how your new revision performs compared to the previous ones. 

  • AB testing is built into customer journeys and works with real-time data
  • Test variants with our landing page and email builders

Spend where it makes an impact

Data-driven marketing isn’t simply more effective overall, it allows you to make every dollar more effective. Why send a postcard if a text works better for a certain group of customers? Why offer a 20% coupon if that customer comes back without it?   

  • Optimize ROI with predictive analytics
  • Save time with automation
  • Remove wasted spend

Start putting your data to work. See how Cinch makes it easy.