Marketing Automation Doesn’t Need to Be Hard

Written by Jeremy Howlett

Jeremy is our chief marketing pro. He has over a decade in marketing for brands and retail outlets. He loves helping companies grow and succeed by using a variety of marketing strategies and tactics.

February 3, 2020

The other day I met with a local gym. They rely primarily on memberships, as most other gyms do. They currently have some fundamental customer engagement flows set up, but they have to update their segments manually. Here, at Cinch, we have a better way.

Not only have we made it simple to set up marketing flows, but we have also made it simple to move someone from one flow to another. Once you have established your flows, there is nothing you will need to change unless you want to optimize a sequence. Through these truly dynamic flows that we call journeys, we empower marketers to spend less time on updating segments and more time on improving strategy to increase overall customer retention.

Since we integrate directly with your point of sale, loyalty, or CRM data, we can respond down to the transaction line item. This gym wants to engage its Groupon visitors to sign up for a trial and then trial members to become permanent members. They were manually updating these segments. Through Cinch’s transaction node, we automated the process.

There are several other strategies that we are bidding out. Through these strategies, we will free the marketing team hours every week to focus on more ways to grow memberships and cater better to their customers. This is what we love about our software. Now, how can we help you?

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