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Drive revenue where you need it most with perfectly timed, strategic marketing outreach to every player. foreUP, integrated with Cinch marketing, makes it easy. Let us show you how we work together to keep more golfers on the tee.

marketing. ENABLED.

Not just marketing automation, but marketing enablement. With Cinch, your customers are contacted automatically through smarter marketing to your existing customers.

Let us do the hard stuff so that you can focus on the business that you love. Marketing enablement makes your golf course marketing processes more efficient and easier to implement through an integrated solution with foreUP and Cinch.

Marketing Automation

Keep more customers and win back more lost ones with intelligent and personalized marketing strategies automated

customer Management

Manage broadcast email, automated emails, text, postcard mailings, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Chatbots, and transaction level data all in one place.

your marketing & data team

A full service team of marketing professionals to assist in implementing engaging workflows that keep your customers coming back.

Cinch is fully integrated with your foreUP account and creates a stream of communication in real-time. This direct integration triggers actions immediately to any of your customers. It is fully automated and does not require any work on your part to sync customer data.

Increase Pro shop revenue

Increase pro shop revenue by segmenting your customers and automating marketing strategies to your best customers to keep them buying their gear from you and not some other golf or sporting goods shop. Engage them at the right time through Cinch?s patented behavioral predictive technology. No more spray and pray strategy. Customize every message every time.

Build Stronger Relationships

Target golfers based on their specific features. Are they out of towners that only golf during certain seasons? Entice them with an upcoming round during the time that you know that they will be in town. Female golfers? Cater to them with specific ladies? nights or tee times that are just for them. First-time golfers? Keep them engaged. A repeat customer is 60% more likely to be loyal to your golf course and keep coming back. We can help with all of these.

Maximize tee times

Keep golfers coming back. Through Cinch?s patented technology we are able to predict your customers’ likelihood to return to play their next round. If someone falls off of their standard pattern then we will hit them with a customized message. We can email them, text them, send them a postcard, or target them on Facebook or Google to invite them to come back. Returning customers are always the most profitable so keep them playing rounds.

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Work on your business while we work in your business to keep your customers coming back time and time again.

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