Stand Out in Your Local Market

Maximize Your Brand Recognition

Brand awareness is more important than ever for a growing local business. With Cinch, you get the support you need to launch new products and services while maintaining customer relationships and retention.

Personalized Communications

Stay connected to your customers with personalized communications across your marketing. Easily import customer names and important details that make each message feel unique and personal.

Build Trust and Loyalty

Anticipate your customers’ needs with Cinch’s predictive modeling and Repeat Transaction Calculator™.

Stay Top of Mind

Designed by marketing pros, Cinch offers you all the solutions you need: landing pages, email, text, reviews, and more.

Get Started Fast

It only takes a few days from demo to done. Connect with our team today to get up and running asap. 

“With Cinch, I don’t have to constantly be on the platform to make sure everything is working. I can just set it and let it go. It frees up a lot of time to focus on other things. For me, that’s invaluable.”

Skooter Byrnes, Marketing Director at Threshold Automotive Services

“Cinch consolidated four different vendors all into one. I was also able to fully customize every single part of the customer journey. To have all of this in one place was game changing for a small team like us.”

Brookelyn Miller, Marketing Manager at Oil Changers

Data-Driven Customer Retention 

Keep your hard-earned customers coming back. With Cinch, we help you manage your customer data and ensure it’s clean—no more duplicated customer contacts or inaccurate information.

Then segment your customers into different groups so you can deliver the message they need the moment they need it.

Local Omnichannel Marketing Automation 

Cinch helps you deliver a localized approach to marketing. Our customer journeys let you target specific areas and audiences so you can fully personalize marketing campaigns.

It’s easy to incorporate all the channels your customers use. Send emails, text messages, physical mailers and more.

We’d Love to Hear About Your Goals 

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Cinch is here to help you grow. Talk with our pros to learn how Cinch can help boost your brand and business.