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cinch was built for Jiffy Lube marketing

Improve your Jiffy Lube marketing toolset with Cinch. Increase average ticket value, recommended services, and customer retention with perfectly timed, strategic marketing outreach. Cinch is fully integrated with your GROW data to make it easy to segment and customize communication with every customer. Let us show you how we work together to keep more bays filled.

CINCH is the type of software that allows you to run your email/mail marketing campaigns with ease. It allows you to create more targeted campaigns, while A/B testing which ones work the best for your customer base. You can set them and forget them, if you are that type, or you can build the campaigns step by step and then analyze the data using the many reports that CINCH provides. We have found CINCH to be the future of our email/mail marketing. We’ve seen great results thus far and believe that trend to continue.

Bryce Cutler – Griffin Fast Lube, Jiffy Lube Franchise

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Cinch for Jiffy Lube Marketing

Jiffy Lube marketing. ENABLED.

Not just marketing automation, but marketing enablement. With Cinch, your existing customers are contacted automatically through multi-channel marketing tools and improved data analysis.

Let us do the hard stuff so that you can focus on running a great franchise. Marketing enablement makes your Jiffy Lube marketing processes more efficient and easier to implement through an integrated solution with GROW data and Cinch.

Marketing Automation

Keep more customers and win back more lost ones with intelligent and personalized marketing strategies automated

customer Management

Manage broadcast email, automated emails, text, postcard mailings, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Chatbots, and transaction level data all in one place.

your marketing & data team

Back-end data science with full-service marketing tools to assist in implementing engaging workflows that keep your customers coming back.

Cinch is fully integrated with your GROW data and creates a stream of communication in an automated way. This direct integration triggers actions immediately to any of your customers. It is fully automated and does not require any work on your part to sync customer data. Through this data collection method and automated communication, Cinch has simplified the Jiffy Lube marketing process.

Analyze Jiffy Lube Marketing Data

Gauge where your customers are coming from, what keeps them coming back, and how to adjust to speaking to them most effectively. We understand the advantages and disadvantages of person to person businesses so we empower you to have as much data as any online business through our proprietary processes.

Analyze marketing data
Stronger customer relationships

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

No longer a need to spray and pray. Let us work with you, using our proprietary tools, to help you understand your customers and then give them the communication and support that they deserve. By using these tools they will feel valued and will keep coming back.

easy to use

Use the Cinch Software Suite in your Jiffy Lube marketing to automate your strategies without losing the personal touch to your customers.

We make it easy to set up marketing journeys to engage and inform your customers. Our tools use predictive models to process our patented value segmenting to build journeys based on customer value. Personalize your message to the right customers with the right offer.

easy to use marketing tools

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Work on your business while we work in your business to keep your customers coming back time and time again.

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