Grow your Jiffy Lube shops with Cinch Data-Driven Marketing Automation.

Trusted by 711 (and counting) Jiffy Lube locations nationwide.

Here’s What Jiffy Lubes Experience With Cinch

  • +12% Customer Retention

  • +$6 Average Ticket Size

  • 4x Email Open Rates

  • -52% Total Marketing Spend

  • -6 Days Between Visits

How Does It Work? 

  1. Cinch connects to your point of sale, CRM, accounting software, etc… and pulls in your customer data. 
  2. Cinch’s A.I. enhances the data to give you a crystal clear picture of best time and channel to market to them. 
  3. You build & launch your campaign and your customer roll in!

CINCH is the type of software that allows you to run your email/mail marketing campaigns with ease. It allows you to create more targeted campaigns, while A/B testing which ones work the best for your customer base. You can set them and forget them, if you are that type, or you can build the campaigns step by step and then analyze the data using the many reports that CINCH provides. We have found CINCH to be the future of our email/mail marketing. We’ve seen great results thus far and believe that trend to continue.

Bryce Cutler – Griffin Fast Lube, Jiffy Lube Franchise

Before Using Cinch

After Using Cinch

Your Data and Communication Channels Are Better Together.

Thanks For Connecting With Us At The 2022 Jiffy Lube Convention & Trade Show

We had a blast getting to know you and your teams and chatting about how your Jiffy Lube shops can grow through data-driven marketing automation. 

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