Cinch for Franchises

End Franchise Marketing Chaos

Unify franchise marketing with Cinch, the data powerhouse built specifically for the unique needs of the franchisor-franchisee partnership.

Consistent Branding

Maintain a unified brand image across all franchises with centralized control over messaging and visuals.

Advanced User Permissions

Customize permissions for who sees what, from the franchise manager to the part-time employee.

Data Ownership

Cinch is customizable to individual franchisee-franchisor agreements, ensuring compliance.

Always On-Brand, Everywhere Customers Interact

Never again experience the horror of franchisees creating their own branding! Cinch provides a central platform where:

  • Corporate teams can create, manage, and distribute brand-compliant marketing for all channels.
  • Franchisees access pre-approved templates, messaging guidelines, and assets, ensuring a consistent voice and look and feel.

Franchisee Empowerment, Not Micromanagement: Cinch doesn’t replace local marketing efforts; it amplifies them with brand-approved tools, ensuring on-brand, localized campaigns.

Customize User Access Across Your Franchise Network

Compliance starts with control: Set franchisee access levels based on your individual contracts, protecting data privacy. This benefits franchisors in various ways:

  • Enable franchise employees to manage relevant data without access to sensitive data.
  • Prevent situations where one franchisee’s actions negatively impact others or the entire network.
  • Enable corporate to distribute marketing materials without access that violates contracts.

Broadcasts: Within Cinch you can send brand-wide communications without needing access to individual franchisee data. Communicate to any contacts without seeing who the customers are, remaining compliant.

“We were trying to make solutions work that weren’t made for automotive or franchise business models. Cinch allows us to consolidate our tools, and gives us the control, transparency, and flexibility that our corporate office and franchisees need.”

Karmen Gooding    Strickland Brothers (100+ Franchise Locations)

Seamless Upward Reporting

Individual store reports can offer insights, but without a unified view, you’re missing the critical big picture. By collecting and consolidating data from every franchisee, Cinch paints a clear, comprehensive picture of your entire network’s performance.

  • Identify top-performing regions and replicate their success.
  • Spot trends and challenges before they impact individual stores.
  • Make data-driven decisions that benefit the entire network, not just isolated locations.

Plus, like everything with Cinch, upward reporting is fully customizable. Tailor it to your specific data sharing agreements with each franchisee, ensuring compliance and transparency.

Streamline Operations by Centralizing Data, No Matter the System

Cinch acts as your universal translator, seamlessly integrating with ANY point of sale your franchisees use. No matter if they have a dozen different systems, Cinch connects them all, forging a unified view of your network.

  • Prevent duplicate customers across franchises.
  • Build custom integrations that respect franchise agreements while enabling unified data collection.
  • Eliminate manual entry and automate data collection

Beyond connecting multiple locations, Cinch automatically merges customer data from any source into unified profiles. These rich customer profiles are critical for targeted marketing and personalized experiences.

Onboarding Is Now Copy and Paste

Streamlining the onboarding experience has never been easier.

Ready-To-Go Templates

Build custom templates within your corporate account and simply copy and paste them whenever you onboard a new franchise so that they are ready-to-go within seconds. 


Centralize and distribute pre-approved texting templates to all your franchises. Utilize text, emojis, and GIFs.


Build engaging customer journeys without coding. Drag-and-drop templates simplify the process, ensuring brand consistency across all franchises.


Craft emails in minutes with Cinch’s intuitive builder. Choose pre-made templates, customized to match your brand, and publish instantly across your franchise network.

Landing Pages

Craft high-converting landing pages in minutes with Cinch’s no-code page builder. Choose pre-made templates or build your own.

Explore More Features

Review Management

Monitor and reply to reviews for any franchise. Automate responses or personalize them right in Cinch.


Gauge customer sentiment with brand-wide surveys, or measure by franchise or network.

QR Codes

Build trackable QR codes per franchise. Engage customers in mail, stores, and waiting areas.

Remove Franchise Marketing Headaches