Grow your local business faster with multi-channel marketing campaigns from one platform.

Reach your customers through email, two-way text message, direct-mail, online advertising and more.

How Cinch Works

Easily create always-on marketing campaigns that increase retention and bring in new customers.

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Email Made Easy

Double the open and click rates of your emails with Cinch’s deliverability technology.

Market with Text Messaging

Two-way text messaging that makes your customers feel like they’re talking to a friend.

One Number

Stay consistent by using the your current number for calls and text.


Provide help and save time with custom automated responses to your customers.


Personalize content based on customer data and business information.


Send copies of invoices, images, gifs, video, or any file up to 5 megabytes.


Test all of the promotions you want with unlimited keywords at no extra cost.


Get built-in legal compliance guidelines for hassle and worry-free communication.

Direct Reach with Direct Mail

Prioritize your contacts that will receive postcards to save on your marketing budget.


Get auto prioritization by only sending direct mail to contacts without other channel data. This means send you can 1 or 1,000 postcards at a time.


Design quickly with our simple and easy to use template builder. With just a few clicks, print and ship and watch the results come in.


Engage your customer by using augmented reality, barcodes, QR and promo codes. This allows you to tack the the success of your ad.

Online Reviews

We know your business thrives on positive reviews. We help you get more of them.


Manage and respond to all your online reviews in one place.


Trigger automated emails, texts, and more off the review response.


Provide clarity with specific pages for each location.

Best Customers

Automate future marketing follow-up based on reviews so your best customers keep coming back.


Automatically send post-service review requests through text or email to Google, Yelp, Facebook, Bing, or anywhere else.

Google and Facebook Ad Audiences

More targeted ad audiences mean lower ad spend and higher return on investment.

  • Automatically add or remove customers at every stage of the buying journey
  • Prioritize higher-value audiences with higher spend
  • Remind lost customers to come back
  • Google includes paid search, display, YouTube, and Gmail
  • Facebook includes Instagram

Radio Streaming, TV, and Podcasts Audiences

Keep your customers coming back with commercials made just for them.

  • Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Podcasts, and YouTube
  • Automatically show your commercials to the customer segments you choose
  • Work with our media partners to produce your ads and then easily launch them within Cinch
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Website Chat

Make it easy for your customers to reach you with contact forms that automatically become text conversations on their phone. You can even create pre-set automated responses that answer commonly asked questions. It’s faster than a phone call and easier for you and your customers.

Voice Calls

Connect your VOIP software to Cinch and so you can call customers directly from the software.

Customer Loyalty

Keep your customers coming back with loyalty programs they’ll love.


Gain valuable insights from your customers with NPS or general feedback surveys. Stay on-brand with your logo and custom colors. Give loyalty points or special offers to incentivize survey completions.

QR Codes

Get more text and email subscribers by adding them to direct mailers or in-store at the register and waiting area.

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Don’t See what you’re looking for?

Cinch is constantly seeking ways to provide its user with better tools and integration. On occasion we can look into custom features that meet your needs to grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to get onboarded?

Get deliverability and reputation management technology that doubles your open rates—giving you more in revenue.

How much does Cinch cost?

Send one-off bulk broadcasts to a segment of your list or automated single emails in a campaign as one of a series of steps

What do you do with our customer data?

Get industry-specific full templates and components so you can create a professional email in minutes.

Would you replace our POS (point of sale) system?

Make your customers feel unique with personalized information about them and your store’s location, hours, contact info, and more

How do you get all the data on our customers?

Designs that look perfect whether your customers are on a phone, computer, or tablet

Do you provide content/creation as well?

Designs that look perfect whether your customers are on a phone, computer, or tablet