Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get onboarded?

Since we have customizable campaign templates, you can get started in just a couple weeks. Even faster if you have the bandwidth.

How much does Cinch cost?

Our prices are customized based on your contact database size and it’s competitive with other marketing automation tools. That said, it’s more of an investment than a cost because it will grow your business. Contact sales for custom pricing for your business.

How do you get all the data on our customers?

When you sign up for Cinch, you’ll work directly with our team to connect to your existing POS and automatically pull in your existing customer data. After that, we’ll automatically update the data on a daily basis.

What do you do with our customer data?

Your customer data is stored in our software database and only accessible by you and our team. No one else has access to it.

Would you replace our POS?

No, we don’t replace your POS. When you sign up for Cinch, you’ll continue to use your existing POS. We simply connect Cinch to it via API, pull in our existing and future customer data, and help you use it to do better marketing than ever. That means more revenue, higher email open rates, and better customer retention. LFG.

Do you provide content/creation as well?

No but we do have templates to help you easily create effective emails, direct mailers, and texts. We can also connect you with marketing agencies that are familiar with Cinch and can create content for you.

Is it automated?

Yes, after you create your emails, text, mailers, or ads, they’re automatically sent to the right customer at the right time.

Can my customers opt-out?

Yes, we provide links and opt-out instructions in every email and text communication.

What makes you different from standard service reminders?

No other service reminders use a data-driven, multi-channel approach like Cinch does. That means increased average tickets, higher car count, and higher ROI on your marketing spend.

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