Speak Directly to Every Customer

Deep Customer Segmentation 

Nine out of ten customers prefer to buy from brands that deliver relevant offers and recommendations. Customer segmentation lets you send personalized messages that prove to your customers you know what they need and want.

That’s how trust is earned and repeat customers are born.

Serious Segmentation Delivers Serious Results

Segmentation can help businesses increase their conversion rate by up to 50 percent and their return on investment by up to 20 percent*. With Cinch’s Segment Builder, you can create hyper-targeted customer segments in minutes—and see the results quickly.

*According to NotifyVisitors

Cinch Segment Builder

The Cinch product team designed the Segment Builder to make your marketing efforts easier and more successful. Explore our favorite features we know you’ll love.

Build segments for your ideal customers

Any customer data can be segmented

Cinch assigns customers into value tiers

Test your segments before sending

Import segments directly into Google Ads

Your Brand Results

Customers are drawn to customer-centric companies. When you know your customers and communicate with them when and where they prefer, you reap the benefits.

Improve the experience of every customer

Boost customer loyalty and value

Increase sales and revenue

Offer targeted products and services

Strengthen your brand equity

Does My Marketing Strategy Need Segmentation? 

Customer Service

Segmentation lets you adapt quickly to external factors like the economy, inflation, and social upheaval.

Sell to Critical Markets

Is your business experiencing a downturn in profitability or slowed growth? Time to adopt more targeted strategies.

Nurture Valuable Customers

Customer segmentation can reveal insights into your most profitable customer groups, so you can serve them better.

Market Expansion

Looking to expand into a new market? Segmentation helps you understand and reach new customer groups.

But I Already Send Broadcasts 

Successful brands incorporate both marketing broadcasts and journeys. But what’s the difference?

In Cinch, you can build customer groups ideal for broadcast messages. Think: Announcing new summer hours to all your customers that live within a town or region.

You can also build journey segments designed for specific purposes. Think: Introducing a new product line to all your highest spending customers.

The Broadcast Approach 

Broadcasts are one-time text or email messages sent to a large contact list simultaneously. These are ideal for announcing new products, holiday store closures, and other messages geared toward a broad customer base.

The Journey Advantage

Marketing journeys are a series of messages delivered over time that help move the customer through the sales funnel. They are highly personalized based on customer behavior, preferences, and past interactions.

“This a tool that helps you understand your customer interests, hobbies, and demographics. Businesses can lose that human touch, which Cinch provides for our business.

We have been able to segment our customer base, understand customer journeys from an omnichannel point of view without spending millions of dollars on market and segmentation research.

We learned the best way to differentiate ourselves from our competition was understanding who our customers are, and how they like to be engaged.” 

PJ Tues, Marketing Manager at Stella Bella, Co.

First Come Segments, Then Come Journeys

Once you know which customers you want to communicate with, it’s time to determine your message, channel, and timeframe. The Cinch Journey Builder gives you all the tools, triggers, and actions needed to communicate directly with every customer group.

  • Choose from 20+ triggers to start your journey
  • Add 30+ actions to continue the customer journey
  • Select conditions for a more targeted automation

What If My Customer Data Is a Mess?

An inaccurate or messy customer database isn’t uncommon for growing businesses. That’s why Cinch cleans and matches your customer data before it enters the Segment Builder.

  • Duplicate records account for an average of 15-20% of all data in an organization according to Experian.
  • 40% of business objectives fail due to inaccurate data according to ZoomInfo.

Insights, Segments, and Journeys All in One

A Customer-Centric Solution

As a marketer, there are so many tools to choose from. But what you need is actually quite simple. First, get to know your customers. Second, group them together based on common characteristics. Third, talk to them. And finally, see if it worked. With Cinch, you control every step of the customer journey within one platform.