Segment Builder

Reach the Right Customer at the Right Time

Leverage data to identify the moments when a particular customer is most responsive.

Without Segmentation, Success Looks like Luck

You have the data. Now put it to work with precision.

Without Segmentation

  • Everyone gets the same email
  • Customers will wonder why you’re emailing them
  • Marketing has poor engagement rates

With Segmentation

  • Send each customer communication relevant only to them
  • People engage because you give them the right information
  • Marketing is personalized and timely so you get better results

Segmenting and Pattern Tracking

Our tools use predictive models to process our value segmenting so you can build your customer audiences based on real data, including:

  • Predicted customer behavior
  • Value tiers
  • Purchase propensity

Real-Time Segmentation

When customer segments update in real-time it allows for immediate and highly targeted communication, ensuring that messages are relevant and timely based on the most current information about the audience.

  • Dynamic, personalized messaging
  • Immediate and reactive responses
  • Perfected relevance

Automated Touches

Simplify customer relationship management with automated outreach and follow-up campaigns that respond to customer touches, eliminate gaps in the sales cycle, and reduce customer churn.

Pull In Data From All of Your Sources

With unified data you understand customer interactions, preferences, and behaviors on a deeper level, fostering more informed decision-making and personalized strategies that enhance the overall customer experience.

“We are managing the marketing and retention efforts for over 350 golf courses. Most tools we’ve tried aren’t flexible and integrated enough to make this an easy task.

With Cinch we’ve built custom segments based on golfer behavior, with multi-channel communications going out automatically. More importantly, the results have made us the most successful golf course marketing group in the country!”

Amy LaVange

VP of Marketing, ForeUp

Don’t Settle for Limited Features

No matter where your customers are in the decision making process, Cinch helps you reach them, and helps them reach your store.

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Surveys integrate directly into your campaigns and can be fully automated. 

Product Reviews

Create segments from high value customers proven to gain quality reviews.

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