Customer Drawer

Actionable, unified customer profiles

Put your 1st party data to work reducing customer acquisition cost and increasing return on ad spend.

Level up your customer marketing

Curate personalized and real-time customer experiences with always-on marketing campaigns that are proven to increase retention and bring in new customers. 

Holistic view of customer

Your customer data is coming in from all directions, making it difficult to filter through the noise to get the insight you need. 

Cinch connects to, cleans, and unifies customer data across all sources to provide you with deep insights and complete customer profiles — making it uniquely easy to deploy highly effective campaigns.  

Data matching

Effective marketing isn’t limited to one or two channels, but managing campaigns in every arena is difficult and messy. 

Cinch consolidates your tools and allows you to deploy strategic market campaigns across nine channels. With Cinch’s predictive models and advanced segmentation capabilities, you can deliver the right customer journey to each individual customer. Then, use the new data from every touchpoint to improve the next communication’s results. 

Buyer’s journey

With Cinch you can simplify customer relationship management to reach your goals through automated outreach and follow-up campaigns that respond to customer touches, eliminates gaps in the sales cycle, and improve customer loyalty.

  • Understand which touchpoints move customers down the funnel
  • Optimize your efforts and budget to only to what’s effective
  • View reports on the entire buyer journey

Automate customer profile management

With enriched data you’re able to understand customer interactions, preferences, and behaviors on a deeper level, fostering more informed decision-making and personalized strategies that enhance the overall customer experience.

  • Leverage newly gained insights into customer interactions.
  • Predictive analytics uses your data to predict customer behavior
  • Seamlessly integrate Cinch with business management tools or data warehouses

We are managing the marketing and retention efforts for over 350 golf courses. Most tools we’ve tried, including the marketing tools from our own software, aren’t flexible and integrated enough to make this an easy task.

With Cinch we can build best-practice golf marketing programs for all courses, with multi-channel communications going out automatically. It’s fun to use and easy to do at scale. More importantly, the results have made us the most successful golf course marketing group in the country!

Amy LaVange

VP of Marketing at ForeUp

Customer drawer highlighted features

Utilize numerous funtions of our customer drawer, including a customer summary, timeline summary, messaging and details.

Customer Summary

Aggregate Customer Data from across your integrations into one intuitive screen.

Timeline Summary

Get a snapshot of your recent communications and interactions with your customer.


Automated and Manual Text communication in a single window, with the power of text templates, gifs, images and more!


A quick reference for Transactions and Schedules to get the historic and future detailed information you need in just a few clicks.

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Frequently asked questions

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation enables you to turn on your marketing campaigns and let them automatically reach your customers at the right time, in the right place, with the right message. Cinch makes it easy with a drag and drop journey builder and logic based segment builder.

Who uses marketing automation software?

Cinch is built so that everyone from retail managers to product managers to marketing directors can understand it and use it. Anyone who wants to send marketing messaging to their customers should be using marketing automation software to increase lead gen, revenue, engagement and save time.

How do I know my journeys are working?

Cinch gives you full transparency into your journey performance every step of the way. With our Cinch journey builder you can see in real-time where your customers are at every step of your marketing campaign. Additionally, we have reporting to show you the volume of texts, emails, and mailers that are going out and their efficacy.

What will I learn in the onboarding process?

During onboarding, your customer success manager will craft a comprehensive plan to implement Cinch into your business and work with you to execute those strategic recommendations, driving the results your business needs. We’ll train you and your team on the ins and outs of the Cinch platform to get you up and running as quickly as possible and make sure you get the most value out of the platform. If you have an idea that you want to implement, reach out to our support team who can help you understand how you can make your marketing dream a reality!