Do You Trust Your Customer Data?

94% of Businesses Don’t* 

Inaccurate and duplicate contact details lead to marketing results that miss the mark. Don’t let dirty data derail your marketing.

As a customer data platform, Cinch cleans, optimizes, and updates your customer data in real time.

*According to Zoominfo

Cinch Tames the Data Chaos

Become a Cinch customer and instantly access our full data cleansing process. Our proprietary software takes your messy data through a seven-step cycle.

We bring all your data to one location. We integrate with your point-of-sale system and any other platforms you use.

This process includes mapping data fields from one system to another. It’s essential for accurate data migration.

Next, we scrub the inaccurate information throughout your database. We fix misspellings, old addresses, and more.

Cinch CDP software then removes any duplicated data. This results in a single, slimmed-down, accurate customer data set.

Building a standardized structure is the next important step. Cinch now formats all the data fields for consistency.

This final, optional step is where we pull in third-party data to fill in any missing details about your customers.

Cinch updates your ongoing customer data in real time. Your database becomes more and more valuable every day.

Access Customer Insights and Deep Segmentation 

The benefits of clean customer data are clear. But Cinch goes well beyond cleaning your data. Now you can begin to deeply understand your customers, so you can better meet their needs. 

OmniView Customer Profiles

Access centralized information about each customer in your database. Learn more about how they’ve engaged with your business. Details include:

  • The customer’s contact information
  • How much value that customer brings to your business
  • Any surveys or reviews the customer has completed
  • Any appointments the customer has scheduled
  • The customer’s two-way text history
  • The customer’s transaction information
  • So much more

Customer Segmentation

Build customer segments with endless possibilities. These customer groups are ideal for targeted marketing messages. Segmentation options include: 

  • Where the customer lives by city, state, or ZIP code
  • How the customer has engaged with emails or texts
  • The customer’s last transaction
  • If the customer has ever redeemed coupons
  • If the customer has left your business a review
  • Customer pets, home, vehicles, or other possessions
  • The customer’s estimated return date
  • So many more 

“We are managing the marketing and retention efforts for over 350 golf courses. With Cinch we’ve built custom segments based on golfer behavior, with multi-channel communications going out automatically. More importantly, the results have made us the most successful golf course marketing group in the country!”

Amy LaVange, Former VP of Marketing at foreUp

“With Cinch, all our customer data is organized and stored in the same place, even if one customer visits multiple locations. Our previous software created duplicate customer records. That meant we’d send repetitive communications to the same person, which was annoying.”

Tyler King, Marketing Manager at Master Auto Tech

Complete Your VeriFact™ Data Analysis

If you’re tired of being held back by messy data, you’ve come to the right place. Our free VeriFact™ Data Analysis is designed to show you how dirty your customer data really is.

But that’s only the first step. Then it’s time to clean your data and optimize it for automated marketing efforts. That’s when you see the real power behind Cinch CDP.

Imagine What You Can Do with Clean Data

Once your data is squeaky clean, it’s time to put it to work. Our proprietary data science and machine learning technology open up a world of possibilities for automating and optimizing your marketing communications.