Looking for the Best Marketing Platform for Your Shop?

Originally built for enterprise-level automotive and trusted by top brands like Grease Monkey and Jiffy Lube, Cinch Formula unlocks the power of Cinch for growing shops.

Cinch Is Trusted by More Than 4,000 Auto Shops Across the U.S.

Why Cinch Formula Over Steer Engage

Cinch’s automated journeys are delivered to more than two million customers every month. We know what works for quick lubes and auto shops like yours.

Features Your Business Needs
Customer Data Hygiene
Automated Journeys
Text and Email Broadcasts
Direct Mail
Reputation Management
Attribution and Reporting
Cinch Formula Solutions
The Cinch platform is the industry's only true customer data platform, enabling improved data cleaning, matching, mapping, and more. It's automatic and updated in real time. Import up to 15,000 contacts.
Get instant access to our top performing, pre-built journey templates that include service reminders, review requests, manufacturer recommended services and so much more.
Send both email and text broadcasts with Cinch Formula.
Send up to 100 mailers every month with Cinch Formula. When you combine email and text campaigns with direct mail, we’ve seen a customer retention rate of 39%.
Cinch includes reputation management with review requests, automated and direct review responses, and surveys. The Cinch Mobile app is included for in-the-moment review responses. Reviews are synced in real time.
Cinch Formula includes advanced reports like:
  • Transaction Attribution
  • Coupon Redemption
  • Customer Reviews
  • Email engagement
  • Individual Shop Performance
  • Plus, Many More
Steer Engage Solutions
Steer follows standard practices for basic data clean-up and customer matching.
Steer offers reminder messaging and scheduling, but not recurring, automated journeys.
Steer has email blasts but doesn’t include text broadcasts.
Physical mailers are an available add-on but not included in Steer Engage.
Steer includes reputation management, but not automated review reponses.
Steer Engage includes reports on shop activity, customer activity, vehicle make breakdown, and a customer location map.

Features Proven by Enterprise Brands

Cinch specializes in marketing tools that support your bottom line. Cinch Formula is a proven set of features and tools that deliver higher revenue and customer retention.

Trusted by the top brands in the industry, Cinch’s automated journeys are delivered to more than two million customers every month. We know what works and we know it will work for your shop. Now, our winning blueprint is available for you and your shop through Cinch Formula.

Our Winning Combination Includes Direct Mail

Access the best customer return rates with direct mail and email—all included with the Cinch Formula automated journeys. Cinch data shows that sending both direct mail and email communications delivers a 39% return rate—higher than any single channel.

We know that when customers are contacted through more than one channel, their return rate increases. That’s why the 10 included customer journeys ensure your customers receive email campaigns, direct mail, text campaigns, and more.

What to Expect in Your Personalized Demo

Learn more about Cinch Formula features including the 10 proven journeys

See why Cinch is trusted by top enterprise brands with 100+ locations

Learn how our enterprise client success can translate to your business

“Cinch is the type of software that allows you to run your email and direct mail marketing campaigns with ease. Its the future of email and direct mail marketing.”