Are You a HubSpot Customer Looking for Something Better? 

Many Cinch clients are former Hubspot users, so we went right to the source to learn why business owners and marketers choose Cinch. Let’s explore the features that matter to you and your business.

Trusted by More Than 12,000 Business Locations Across the U.S

Features Proven in Your Industry and Business

Cinch specializes in local business with tools that support franchise, multi-location, and large operation companies.

Primary Focus Market

Cinch is specifically designed for B2C businesses with one to 500 locations.

HubSpot is designed to support B2B. It requires custom work to service B2C businesses with multiple locations or service areas.

Industry Optimization

Deep investment in auto repair and pest control with repeat transaction calculations and predictive modeling built into the software.

HubSpot is not designed for specific industries. 

Point-of-Sale Integration 

Directly and seamlessly integrates with popular POS systems that update in real time and is managed by the Cinch developer team. Pulls in any number of dynamic fields easily.

Choose a third-party integration provider or invest in building your own integration. There is no native automotive repair and maintenance or pest control integrations.

Data Hygiene 

Complete data cleaning is automatic and built in for no extra charge. Enrich your database for an additional fee.

Limited matching and deduping are available with the Operations Hub add-on. 

Marketing Personalization

Cinch platform recognizes possessions tied to customers within a household. For example, two adults within a household drive three cars. This helps you easily tailor your marketing.

Connecting individual customers into household profiles is very complex in the HubSpot system.

Omnichannel Campaigns 

Omnichannel journeys that include email, two-way texting, web chat, digital ad audiences, direct mail, surveys, reviews, and QR codes. Add landing pages for an additional fee. 

Marketing Hub for enterprise required, no two-way texting, no direct mail, no QR codes; each requires additional plans and purchases 

Reputation Management 

Cinch includes reputation management with review requests, automated review responses, and surveys. 

HubSpot doesn’t offer online reputation management. 

“HubSpot is really complicated, code heavy, and you need a specialist to get anything done. Cinch distills all that into a drag-and-drop platform that pretty much anyone can use.”

Matthew Andrews

Director of Marketing at Ace Jiffy Lube

Custom Code

Native Management

“One huge hurdle for us was our CRM, which was HubSpot. It was built over four years with three or four different developers—all adding custom lines of code. It was just this web of code and wasn’t easy to enhance.

We wanted a platform that gave us more control, that we could manage in-house rather than a custom-built program designed by developers that have long since gone.”

Expensive Personalization

Turnkey Control

“With HubSpot, we also paid $120,000 a year for a third-party program that allowed dynamic content to populate within an email based on certain triggers.

With Cinch, we can build these dynamic variables and triggers natively inside the platform. Cinch is a turnkey, drag-and-drop platform where we can create journeys with sensible and clear fields.”

Lack of Precision

Built-In Calculations 

“With HubSpot, if we wanted to recommend a service to our customers, it was just a guessing game.

With Cinch, calculators are built in. I can predict a customer’s oil drain interval, for example. We know when a customer will need their next oil change—and then automatically send an email. It’s huge.”

Poor Support 

High-Level Support

“We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over a long time with HubSpot. But it would take weeks to get a call or response from their support team.

With Cinch, the customer support level has been fantastic. Their team is there to guide us through it all.”

What to Expect in Your Personalized Demo 

We’re excited to learn more about your goals and needs.  

Learn how Cinch collects your customer data across all sources 

See how each data point can customize communication across channels 

Tour our robust journey builder that automates your marketing campaigns

Discover our simple pricing structure based on your multi-location model