Cinch for Shopify

Empower your Shopify store

To optimize each customer’s value you’ll need more than just standard SMS and email communication.

Shopify is better with Cinch

Use Cinch to optimize touch points both on and off your website. Reach your customers where they’re at in the decision-making process, and drive them down the funnel.

Actually ‘omni’ omnichannel

Engage your customers across every channel in your marketing strategy, and integrate your channel engagement with your Shopify store.

Automation meets timing

Create automated engagements tailored to the customer based on their lifecycle stage and at what time they’re most likely to convert.

Customizable pattern tracking

Our tools use predictive models to process our patented value segmenting so you can build journeys based on your customer’s likelihood to purchase.

Maximize ROI with A/B testing

Experiment with different strategies to increase your conversion rates, such as A/B testing your product pages, checkout processes, email layouts and more.

Don’t settle for limited features

No matter where your customers are in their journey, Cinch helps you reach them, and them reach your store

QR codes

Use Cinch’s QR code generator for more text and email subscribers. Apply it anywhere online or offline.


Surveys integrate directly into your campaigns and can be fully automated. Gain valuable insights from your customers.

Product reviews

Build automated journeys proven to gain quality reviews from high value customers on Shopify, Google or other sources.

Drag and drop

Quickly build automated journeys with Cinch’s drag and drop grid system. 

Real-time segments

Build audiences that update in real time. Automatically send a message or show an ad within seconds of a customer performing an action.


Shopify triggers

Incorporate transaction notifications into your marketing journeys, from label printing to product delivery.

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