Cinch for Marketers

Understand your market, hit your KPIs

Cinch puts your 1st party data to work reducing customer acquisition cost, and increasing return on ad spend.

Powerup your marketing

Curate personalized and real-time customer experiences with always-on marketing campaigns that are proven to increase retention and bring in new customers. 

Understand your market

Gain deep insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and market trends by segmenting audiences, creating customer profiles, and predicting market shifts, leading to highly targeted marketing messages.

Manage all your channels in one place

Consolidate tools and workflows for improved data analysis and decision-making, facilitating engagement across channels and enhancing overall campaign strategy.

Reach your KPIs

Simplify customer relationship management with automated follow up outreach campaigns that respond to customer touches, eliminates gaps in the sales cycle and reduce customer churn.

Integrated with your tools

With unified data you understand customer interactions, preferences, and behaviors on a deeper level, fostering more informed decision-making and personalized strategies that enhance the overall customer experience.

Cinch empowers marketing managers to excel

Marketers like you have improved their team’s KPI’s by using Cinch to fully automating their campaigns and improve customer reputation.

Additional beneficial features

No matter where your customers are in the decision making process, Cinch helps you reach them, and helps them reach your store.

Automated journeys

Keep more customers with automated marketing campaigns that run 24/7.

Real-time segmentation

Leverage data to identify the moments when a particular customer is most responsive.

Accurate attribution

With all of your 1st party data centralized, attribution becomes clear and reliable.

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