Cinch for Marketers

Understand Your Market, Hit Your KPIs

Put your first-party data to work reducing customer acquisition cost and increasing return on ad spend.

Level Up Your Customer Marketing

Curate personalized and real-time customer experiences with always-on marketing campaigns that are proven to increase retention and bring in new customers. 

Know Your Customer

Your customer data is coming in from all directions, making it difficult to filter through the noise to get the insight you need. 

Cinch connects to, cleans, and unifies customer data across all sources to provide you with deep insights and complete customer profiles — making it uniquely easy to deploy highly effective campaigns.  

Manage All Your Channels in One Place

Effective marketing isn’t limited to one or two channels, but managing campaigns in every arena can be difficult and messy. 

Cinch consolidates your tools and allows you to deploy strategic market campaigns across nine channels. With Cinch’s predictive models and advanced segmentation capabilities, you can deliver the right customer journey to each individual customer. Then, use the new data from every touchpoint to improve the next communication’s results. 

Reach Your KPIs

Business objectives may vary, but the goal of increasing revenue by increasing the average customer value and decreasing churn is evergreen and ever-important.

With Cinch you can simplify customer relationship management to reach your goals through automated outreach and follow-up campaigns that respond to customer touches, eliminates gaps in the sales cycle, and improve customer loyalty.

Integrated with Your Tools

With normalized data you’re able to understand customer interactions, preferences, and behaviors on a deeper level, fostering more informed decision-making and personalized strategies that enhance the overall customer experience.

Easily connect Cinch with your business management tools or data warehouses. As  new data comes in from active marketing efforts, your data sets grow and provide you with a unified look at your buisness and your customers. 

Cinch Empowers Marketing Managers to Excel

Marketing leaders have improved their team’s performance by using Cinch to fully automate their campaigns and improve customer reputation.

Additional Beneficial Features

No matter where your customers are in the decision making process, Cinch helps you reach them throughout the funnel.

Automated Journeys

Keep more customers with automated marketing campaigns that run around the clock.

Real-Time Segmentation

Leverage data to identify the moments when a particular customer is most responsive.

Accurate Attribution

With all of your first-party data centralized, attribution becomes clear and reliable.

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