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Predictive analytics needs clean data

Your data science is only as effective as the reliablity of your data. Centralize and clean your data, then put it to work.

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More than a customer data platform

Unify and clean all your customer data AND deliver engaged customer experiences, all with a single platform

Actionable unified customer profiles

Refine customer profiles by unifying data from all your sources into the customer drawer, providing a complete and accurate view of customer behavior.

Data matching: Match all your customers past behavior and identifiers after pulling in data from all your sources.

Data enrichment: After combining and cleansing your contacts, enriche them with data such as Gender and Geographic Location.

Real-time: Enable enable behavior-driven marketing strategies with always up-to-date profiles

Many-to-one always trumps one-to-one

Never settle for 1:1 relationships with your data. Cinch’s many-to-one data matching empowers data science to learn from complex data relationships involving every customer’s possession, schedule, transaction or subscription.

In predictive modeling many-to-one data relationships

  • Consolidate diverse data points into cohesive contexts, simplifying complex information.
  • Refines predictive models, leading to more accurate predictions about user behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns.
  • Enables enterprises to craft more targeted and effective marketing campaigns by leveraging comprehensive insights derived from these relationships.

Predictive modeling is only as effective as your data; don’t limit yours.

Don’t silo your data

Cinch is one of the only CDP’s which enables you to access your data through API endpoints. Export your Cinch-optimized data into your own reporting systems and other tools, making better, cleaner data available wherever you need it.

Data matching from multiple sources

Limit risk to your company with bulletproof data compliance. Cinch stays up-to-date on all data privacy laws to ensure you are protected.

Limitless integrations

Centralized hub

Experience a data hub for all customer data that also automates your marketing. 

How Cinch works:


Your past & future customer data is automatically imported and enriched by our data intelligence process.


Use enriched data to build customer profiles and audiences to use across every tool.


Create automated custom journeys for optimized cross-channel engagement.


Review pre-built reports to analyze results—message performance, revenue growth, email versus SMS.

We are managing the marketing and retention efforts for over 350 golf courses. Most tools we’ve tried, including the marketing tools from our own software, aren’t flexible and integrated enough to make this an easy task.

With Cinch we can build best-practice golf marketing programs for all courses, with multi-channel communications going out automatically. It’s fun to use and easy to do at scale. More importantly, the results have made us the most successful golf course marketing group in the country!

Amy LaVange

VP of Marketing at ForeUp

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