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The 10 Commandments of Email Marketing

The 10 Commandments of Email Marketing

If you use email marketing to promote your automotive service shop, these 10 commandments are for you. Follow them, and you’ll increase your open rates and revenue generated via email. Ignore them, and you risk your emails being ignored or worse, sent straight to the spam folder!

Oil Changers Case Study

Oil Changers Case Study

The Company Oil Changers owns and operates 100+ drive-thru quick lubes throughout the Western United States. Participants Brookelynn Miller, Marketing Manager.   Key Takeaways More customers per day: Since switching to Cinch, they're getting 12% more customers...

Sayle Oil/Dipstix Case Study

The Company Sayle Oil/Dipstix is a growing chain of quick lubes located throughout the mid-south. They currently operate 15 locations, all of which use Cinch for marketing.  Participants Matt Rich, Marketing Manager.    Key Takeaways Increase your email stats:...

Text Messaging Tools

Text Messaging Tools

Cinch features SMS, MMS, and two-way text massaging tools for leveraging the best available in text messaging communications for your customers. Engage more intimately with your customers, track their communications in their customer profile, and customize your...

Customer Data Profiles

Customer Data Profiles

With added customer profiling features, Cinch is able to let you see more of your customer interaction data and break down the sources, data, and engagements with each individual customer. Our proprietary customer matching science on the backend allows you to see...

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