Direct Mail Resources

Cinch’s direct mail resources make old media new. Looking for an alternative to text messaging but still maintaining 98% open rates? Let us show you how Direct Mail returns astonishing returns on investment.

Direct Mail Builder Tool

the old is new

Take advantage of old marketing mediums in a new way.

  • 98% of Americans check their mail almost daily
  • Send bulk or only send one at a time
  • Include augmented reality, barcodes, or QR codes
  • Cinch features built-in Direct Mail design tools
  • Fully automated print and ship
  • Full color two-sided printed for under $1 delivered anywhere in the United States
  • Leverage the visibility of direct mail

Marketing Automation

Keep more customers and win back more lost ones with intelligent and personalized marketing strategies automated

customer Management

Manage broadcast email, automated emails, text, postcard mailings, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Chatbots, and transaction level data all in one place.

your marketing & data team

Put your software to work. No need to hire expensive data scientists. Reduce marketing waste. Increase efficiency. Your Shopify store will do more.

More Revenue. Less Time.

Through Cinch’s patent-pending algorithms, we empower you to do more with less. Reduce marketing waste, tell the right story to the right customer at the right time, know more about your customers through enriched data, and win back customers more efficiently. Do all of this with the ease of Cinch’s journey builder and automated processes.

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Work on your business while we work in your business to keep your customers coming back time and time again.

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