Make every marketing dollar more efficient with Cinch’s data and automation benefits

Keep Your Valuable Customers Coming In

Businesses tend to spend a lot of money on trying to attract the wrong customers. By analyzing your customer data through our Patented Value Segment process we get your message to the right customers at the right time.

Make Marketing Automation Easy

Cinch offers an easy to use marketing workflow platform that gets you up and running in no time. We want you to spend time on growing your business so we take the challenge out of building out your automated customer communication workflows.

Spend Less Time on Email Campaigns

Creating emails can be a pain. We simplify the process through an easy to use email builder tool and the ability to reuse those designs throughout different customer journeys. Make email personal with friendly, data driven automation.

Unlock the Power of Direct Mail

You may have heard that print mail is dead. We have found otherwise. By strategically sending postcards to customers based on an array of predictive models we are able to help you send to customers that will engage and return, thus bringing greater ROI.

Gain Access to Large Data Sources

Through our strategic partnerships and integrations we are able to provide you access to large data sources for new customer acquisition or to better understand who your current customers are. Want to know who is in the market to make a purchase? We can help.*
*Additional data usage fees apply

Use Your Point of Sale, CRM, and/or Loyalty Data More Effectively

Stop sending promotions to customers that don’t need them, many customers will come in without the discount. We’ll help you know who. Those that need a discount we’ll help you ensure you’re providing the right discount amount. We give you added flexibility in your marketing.

A/B Test Your Ideas

Do you have a campaign where you are debating between two different email designs? Or maybe you want to see whether email or a postcard will return the most customers? With our built in A/B Testing nodes you can try out a wide variety of options for any marketing strategy. Test almost anything, put us to the test!

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

No longer a need to spray and pray. Let us work with you, using our proprietary tools, to help you understand your customers and then give them the communication and support that they deserve. By using these tools they will feel valued and will keep coming back.

Omni-Channel Focused

We are integrated into email, SMS text messaging, print mail services, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Point-of-Sale, CRM, appended data sources, and more. By serving your offline and online resources we help you know your customers from every angle and bring value to every marketing campaign.

Easy to Understand Reporting

Analyzing what is going on in your business shouldn’t take several PhDs. We’ve designed reports that are automatically updated and easy to comprehend. See how people are interacting with your campaigns and know what to do to improve them.

marketing. maximized.

Not just marketing automation, but marketing preparation. With Cinch, your business runs automatically marketing to new customers and winning back the old ones while still giving the highest level of service and support to your existing loyal customers. Let us do the hard stuff so that you can focus on the business that you love. Marketing automation that truly works for your offline company like any online business.

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