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Enterprise CRM for Automotive Repair and Maintenance Shops

Unlock deeper customer insights and improve campaign efficiency by leveraging Cinch’s customer data and marketing automation.

Unlock the Hidden Potential in Your Business

You need solutions designed for your industry and customers. Explore Cinch’s strategic features and tools that help you get to the next level of success.

Customer Retention and Lifetime Value

Cinch boosts customer loyalty and value with smart targeting tools and real-time data feedback. Automated journeys ensure high engagement and tailored offers, driving repeat business and long-term customer retention.

  • Automated Customer Journeys
  • Customer Value Analysis
  • Personalized Communications
  • MotorData™ Service Reminders
  • Online Reputation Management

Data Hygiene and Enhancement

Cinch delivers deep customer segmentation and predictive customer behavior modeling by first centralizing, cleaning, and enriching your customer data. Your trustworthy data gets even better with real-time customer profile updates.

  • API Data Integration
  • Customer Identity Resolution
  • Cleaned and Enriched Data
  • Real-Time Profile Updates
  • Predictive Modeling 

Automated Omnichannel Marketing

Cinch automates marketing across all the channels your customers use from email to streaming media. Engage customers consistently and build loyalty with personalized journeys and interactive messaging.

  • Pre-Built and Custom Journeys
  • Real-Time Attribution and Reporting
  • Dynamic Google and Meta Ad Audiences
  • A/B Testing, Contest Management
  • Landing Pages, 2-Way Texting, + More

5-Star Solutions at Scale

We’re getting the right offer to the right customer at the right time.

“The thing we love about Cinch is the A/B testing. We can focus on specific people and send reminder mail. It’s so dialed in and custom. We’re getting the right offer to the right customer at the right time. We’re just not used to that with any other CRM platform.”

Bryce Cutler, VP of Marketing, Griffin Fast Lube, a Multi-State Franchise of Jiffy Lube International

Integrated with Top Point-of-Sale and Data Software

Pull in your first-party customer data with these ready-to-go integrations with the most popular platforms in the industry.

Level-Up Your Cinch Capabilities

Cinch tool integrations help you add key functionality to your automated marketing and business strategy.

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