Our Purpose and Mission Are Centered on You 

Intelligence, Strategy, Communication

Cinch data and marketing tools help your business stay ahead of the curve. We’re here to orchestrate the human touches that build your business empire. It’s all about balancing technology and relationships.  

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Our Team Is Dedicated to Your Success 

Meet Justin

CEO and Co-Founder 

“At the heart of our mission is our approach to business—engaging with our customers with innovative solutions, always striving to exceed expectations.” 

Meet Jared

CPO and Co-Founder 

“In the realm of customer data and marketing automation, anticipation is our superpower. Attending to our customers’ needs before they articulate them doesn’t just solve problems—it prevents them.” 

Meet Chris

CTO and Co-Founder  

“The essence of innovation in AI lies in our relentless pursuit of disruption. We’re committed to transforming the landscape for our customers, ensuring they’re not just keeping pace with changes but setting the pace themselves.”