About Cinch: Our Story

Helping you to better ride the marketing wave of today’s available customer data and actionable insights.

When we started this company, it was on the basis of making data not only accessible but more easily understand and actionable. For years we saw a hole in the ability for businesses, primarily local retail, to obtain and execute on customer data. There needed to be a more affordable and executable opportunity for businesses of every size to act on the plethora of data that is currently available. We wanted a software solution that enabled marketers and business owners to grow revenue with accessible and easy-to-use solutions.

As a group of data nerds, we began by building a loyalty application to capture the data. We quickly discovered that that wasn’t enough. Then we moved forward to take what we learned in personalized marketing from our Cinch Rewards product to now integrated point of sale, other loyalty products, and more. By aggregating data sources, we are able to personalize marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes.

Through building other companies we saw a gap in the ability to leverage the data that could be obtained about individuals. Often it would take a team of engineers and data scientists to aggregate the data and provide solutions to act based on that data. For online companies, it was a little easier but we found that there were still barriers, to personalizing all forms of the marketing strategy for face to face business transactions. This led us to build a system where anyone can manipulate the action of their business’s data.

Create a more personal relationship between businesses and their customers by closing the data gap, designing actionable outcomes, and fulfilling meaningful and specific customer communication.

Company Mission

There are a lot of companies that are taking data from online retail and B2B companies and making it work for their clients, but we found a major gap in the brick n mortar retail business. With years of experience working with retailers, both large and small, our team wanted to do something to give them an edge. We combined our patented analytical marketing strategies with the ability to personalize marketing through the point of sale and CRM data to create the Cinch Marketing Suite. With the ability to create endless marketing workflows from a wide variety of conditions we give your retail location the power to personally communicate with your customer and win them back more often.

We live in a world where data matters. We expect companies to know what we need and want. We don’t want to be given discounts for a product or service that we just bought. We want companies to predict and then react based on what action we just took. Data has created this expectation within us. Cinch has given your company the ability to use it on any scale in any situation.

Let our team help your team keep more customers, acquire new ones, and win back the ones that you may have lost. We’ve been at this for some time now and are ready to bring this expertise into your marketing plans.

Bringing together Data Nerds, Developers, Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and crazy minded folk we built something pretty awesome.

Our Team

Justin Rae

CEO / Founder

Erin Hallmark

Technical Writer

Our Team

Chris London

CTO / Partner

Jeremy Palmer

UI / UX Specialist

Cody Heer


Jeremy Howlett

CMO / Partner

Justin Cooper

Data Scientist / Partner

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