Omnichannel Marketing Driven by Customer Data

Cinch is the ultimate omnichannel platform where you can both clean your data and run always-on marketing campaigns.

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A Cinch Marketing Journey

How It Works

POS Connection

Our Customer Success team connects your Cinch account to your POS, kicking off your data-driven marketing journey.

Customer Data Enrichment

Your past & future customer data is automatically imported and enriched by our third-party data intelligence process.

Omnichannel Attribution

Remove guesswork in your attribution with all channels communicating together and managed within a single platform.

Threshold Automotive Services brings in $5.5k more in revenue and saves 1-2 hours per day after switching to Cinch.

Over 3,000 Local Businesses Use Cinch to Grow

Omnichannel Marketing Hub

Are you sick of bouncing around multiple marketing
software products and stitching them together to
run your campaigns?

Most companies that switch to Cinch replace 2-4
marketing software tools instantly.

That’s because Cinch lets you do email, two-way
text, direct mail postcards, review requests,
reputation management, digital ad audiences,
surveys, and more.

All in one platform.

Flexibility to Build Your Marketing-Your Way

Our no-code, low-code customer journey builder
lets you create any automated marketing campaign
you want.

Customized coupons that maximize ROI, creative
campaigns that differentiate you from competitors,
no dev team needed, and the time to launch is

Build your marketing the way you want to. Make it
look unique to your business. Want to try a new
campaign idea but not sure how to do it? Other
software companies make you figure it out on your
own. At Cinch, our customer success team will help
you 1-on-1 to set it up. That means you save time
and headaches. Win-Win!

Direct Integrations—No More Bouncing Around

Connect your POS and other important business software directly to Cinch. No more bouncing
around different systems or manually uploading
and importing your data.

Our customer success team will walk you through
all the necessary steps so you don’t have to figure it
out on your own.

Pre-built Campaigns
You Can Set and Forget

Launch any of our pre-built campaigns in three
hours or less.

Start generating more revenue right out the gate
with these customer favorites:

  • Service date reminders
  • Post-service thank you and review request
  • New customer welcome messages
  • Monthly coupons and discounts
  • Lost customer follow-up
  • SMS management
  • Digital ad management

Put in the leg work up front to set up a campaign
and let it run with minimal upkeep after that.

Data—But the Good Kind You Can Actually Use

Learn when coupon codes are needed and when
they’re not. That way, you’re only offering them to
customers that need them and increasing average
ticket value for the ones that don’t.

Stop bombarding your customers with annoying, ineffective marketing. Protect your email reputation so more messages hit the inbox.

Ready to win together?